What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

After a kitchen mishap and leaving the oven unattended for a little too long, we had a smoke issue. We got the fire out soon enough for there to be no damage other than smoke. After a few hours we realized it wasn't going away without professional help. We called SERVPRO to handle it and they did a great job.  After a few days the whole first floor smelled amazing.

Grease fires are always a mess. In our case, we couldn't put it out right away. There was fire damage as well as smoke and soot throughout the house. This was no task for us as we had never dealt with that stuff before. We called SERVPRO because a friend of ours had the same thing happen to them and they were happy with SERVPRO's service. They came in and went straight to work. It took about 5 days to get fully cleaned up but it was above my standard. I didn't expect to see our home in the same degree as before but they sure did it. Thanks SERVPRO.

After our annual pig-roast, we noticed the smell of smoke lingered in our home for weeks. We decided it would be best to call a professional. SERVPRO used air scrubbers to clean the air and get rid of the smoke smell. They did such an amazing job. 

An outlet malfunction caught one of the drapes on fire and there was smoke damage visible on the walls. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield came and cleaned it all up! Our living room is back to normal and we couldn't be happier. 

My pizza shop had a fire in the kitchen area and left smoke damage everywhere. To continue our business we had to get it cleaned up. SERVPRO of Overbrook/Wynnefield was able to get us back up and running in 2 days. I can not thank them enough!

Thank you for getting our basement back in shape!  We highly recommend the professional service we received from SERVPRO.

When fireworks go wrong SERVPRO was there to help things go right.  

SERVPRO was fantastic!  Our gas fire place malfunctioned causing a lot of smoke and SERVPRO removed the odor in just a few days.

Great service!  Speedy and effective.  I would definitely recommend to anyone in need.